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Introduction to the "End of Boredom"

Welcome to XtremeZone Paintball, a rage that is sweeping primetime across the country. It's a game of guts, grit and glory; of speed, stealth and strategy. It is weaning youth off their Xbox consoles and inviting them to experience a game that has all the chills and thrills of a combat but none of pain and aches. Paintball is a modern version of Peek-a-boo. Contradictory to the belief that Paintball instigates acts of violence, it is truly an entertaining sport that involves a great deal of teamwork and communication. The game has the exhilation of a combat without any injuries. The participants who are specially attired along with protective masks have to strategically 'aim and shoot' their opponent team members with 'paintballs' (marble sized gelatin balls filled with food grade colors) using compressed air marker guns, till their frontier is conquered.

 XtremeZone is Bangalore's favorite place for all corporate team outing. Our corporate outings in Bangalore come with an array of options to keep every corporate team excited.

We currently operate two paintball fields in Bangalore 


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