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Camping and Paintball
Xtremezone Paintball Xtremezone Events

Corporate Team Outing, Bangalore

We conduct Corporate team outings, team building activities, outbound training programs, day trips and weekend trips at Camp XtremeZone, Manchinbele just 50 kms from Bangalore. Camp XtremeZone is the ideal location for adventure activities, Paintball, kayaking, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing, trekking, zip-line, jumaring, team building activities and much more. A team outing has to inculcate a sense of getaway from the cubicles and an effective team bonding program and should ideally be a mix of personal and team challenges. All our activities packaged for a team outing in Bangalore, ensure that the individual and the team is rejuvenated. The activities for a corporate team outing can be performed by the young and the old, juniors and seniors, ladies and gentlemen both. One of the most important aspects of our corporate team outings at Camp XtremeZone is to ensure a safe and fun experience. Our safety first program ensures that, we maintain a 100% safety record. By understanding a team's outing needs, we have merged adventure with convenience. A rare combination only to suit the needs of every team. Camp XtremeZone, Manchinbele is also a ideal destination for camping and picnics. The location is extremely beautiful and well equipped with all the necessary amenities, to facilitate a hygienic and a safe outdoor experience.

We have worked with more than 200,000 individuals across corporates like Amazon, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, Dell, Oracle, IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft, Airbus, Motrola, Philips etc., to name a few. We continue to innovate and excel in this exciting space.

 A Good Day Trip in Bangalore

Camp XtremeZone, Manchinbele is just 1.5 hours from Bangalore and is the only beautiful place closest to Bangalore. You have to see it to believe it. We are an ideal destination for Family picnics, Weekend getaways from bangalore and One day trips from Bangalore. Families, a bunch of friends, reach our site in the morning. A refreshing boat ride awaits on reaching oursite. We are almost an island, tucked away in a corner, you cannot spot civilization from our site. You either reach our site by boat or walk (20 Minutes). Post breakfast, you can opt to get active outdoors or just enjoy reading a book under our shacks. In a nut shell, you can pick your pace of life at Camp XtremeZone, relax, get your adrenaline rush or just gaze at the serenity around. A decent spread of freshly cooked food and tea energises you the whole day. Not got enough of the the place, you can opt to camp at our site by pitching your own tents from our store at the site. We make sure your day at Camp XtremeZone is well spent. Check out our gallery to get a hang of things http://extremezoneindia.com/info/gallery/camp-xtremezone.html

About Us 

XtremeZone is an adventure sports pioneer in India and offers consumers, experiences in the alternative lifestyle/recreation and adventure sports segment. In short XtremeZone strives to provide the Indian youth with the opportunity to challenge the human spirit and to experience the sheer joy and thrill of indulging in adventure sports under a single platform by making them accessible, affordable with an unconditional emphasis on quality and safety.

Since 2003, XtremeZone has been instrumental in introducing new and exciting outdoor experiences for corporates, outdoor enthusiasts and kids. 30,000 bungee jumps across India, setting up India's first challenge course for Indus school of leadership, a world class adventure reality show for National Geographic and a continuous association with more than 500 corporates in Bangalore has been our way of life in the business of outdoors.

Unique experiences like  Camping, Bungee Jumping, Reverse Bungee Jumping, Zorbing, Motorized Skate Boards, Paintball, Challenge Courses, Team Building Activities, Kayaking, Canoeing, Windsurfing, Adventure Travel, etc., are bundled and seamlessly delivered to our consumers across the country. 

Camp XtremeZone 2013
Go Outdoors, Get Active!

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