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XtremeZone Getawayz- Manchinbele

is located just 50 Kms from Bangalore on the banks of the Manchan bele lake amid the reserve forests of Savandurga. The site is equipped with comfortable tents, amenities and medical facilities. It is the ideal location for Corporate team outing. Corporate team outing takes place every quarter. The idea of the corporate team outing in such a setting is not to tire your team but to rejuvenate them. Away from the cubicles to this beautiful place. 

Located pretty much on the reservoir, we offer experiences that allow u to do pretty much anything you can think of on land or water! From sailing and surfing on a windy day to a survival trek in to the unknown on a full moon night! You name the adventure you seek and we will provide it for you.

Combine Camping, Adventure sports and team building activities with country style cuisine and you have the makings of an experience of a lifetime!

Corporate Team Outing, Bangalore

We conduct Corporate team outing at Xtreme Zone Getaways, Manchinbele, Bangalore, just 50 kms from Bangalore. Xtreme Zone Manchinbele is the ideal location for adventure activities, Paintball, water sports and team building activities in Bangalore. A Corporate team outing has to inculcate a sense of getaway from the cubicles and an effective team bonding program. Corporate team outing should ideally be a mix of personal and team challenges. All our activities packaged for a corporate team outing ensure that the individual and the team is rejuvenated with the activities such as Paintball, adventure sports, water sports and team building. Our Corporate team outing activities are not strenuous but rejuvenating. The activities for corporate team outing can be performed by the young and the old, juniors and seniors, ladies and gentlemen both. We specialize in outbound corporate team outing. One of the most important aspects of Corporate team outing is to improve the body language of the team. Understanding the corporate team outing needs, we have merged adventure with convenience. A rare combination only to suit the needs of a corporate team outing. Xtreme Zone Manchinbele is also a famous destination for Camping and Paintball. The location is extremely beautiful and well equipped with all the necessary amenities

Xtremezone Getawayz is an ideal venue for

  • Outbound learning and Training
  • Corporate Offsite/Corporate team outing
  • Team Meetings
  • Gurukul Style-Nature Conference
  • Family Getawayz




Activities @ XtremeZone Getawayz- Manchinbele

Adventure Sports : A wide variety of adventure sports will keep your adrenaline flowing during your experience at XtremeZone Getawayz. A mix of Camping, Kayaking, Canoeing, Wind Surfing etc will ensure that your spend your weekends in an active fashion. An ideal way of keeping yourself fit. These activities are very popular for corporate team outings. They are easy and fun to do and can be done by anyone. Read More

Team Building : At XtremeZone Getawayz, team building activities add up every quarter. XtremeZone consults with HR professionals worldwide and designs team building activities to suit every professional team. We work with a panel of training consultants to ensure the right mix of training tools. Ideal for a corporate team outing, these activities involve the right mix of fun and learning. Read More

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