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XtremeZone can design an event based on the brief given by clients. Efficient design of Event flow, logistics and consumer interaction will ensure that, the brand can leverage on the novelty of adventure sports and achieve the set objective. 

A choice of few extreme sports below will give you an insight on our capabilities, watch out for more in this space.

Bunjee Jumping

XtremeZone offers bungee jumping from mobile towers and cranes across India. We have performed over 25,000 jumps in the last 7 years. Our perfect safety record is the result of the most technologically advanced bungee jumping system in the world and our dedication to ensure our jumpers' safety. Additionally, we offer Bungee Consulting and Production, Bungee products and a comprehensive training program to new companies. 
Modern day Bungee Jumping now utilizes special purpose harnesses and very strong elastic cords. At XtremeZone bungee jumping will be held using a heavy duty certified crane and a robust jump platform, the whole system adheres to Standards Association New Zealand 


Catapulting is one of the most exciting attractions available at the moment. It fascinates adults and children alike; it allows everyone (from 20 to 120 kg), to participate.

We at XtremeZone anchor a participant to the ground with strong and safe parachute harness. We attach the bungee chord to the participant and the chord is stretched to 5 times its original length. Post stretch the participant is released and he shoots up to a height of 140 ft in 3 seconds The rush of this ride is amazing and the participants EXPERIENCES 3G’s.


Paintball is a modern version of Peek-a-boo. Contradictory to the belief that Paintball instigates acts of violence, it is truly an entertaining sport that involves a great deal of teamwork and communication. The game has the exhalation of combat without any injuries. The participants who are specially attired along with protective masks have to strategically 'aim and shoot' their opponent team members with ‘paintballs' using compressed air markers, till their frontier is conquered.


Zorbing is an extreme sport of rolling downhill in an round generally transparent plastic sphere. Zorbing is generally performed on a slope, but can also be done on a level surface. In the absence of a natural slope we can construct temporary on permanent ramps. There are two types of orbs, harnessed and non-harnessed. Non-harness zorbs carry up to three riders, while the harness orbs are constructed for one to two riders. 

BMX Biking

BMX bikes have grown in popularity since the early 1980s when they were introduced as sporty, strong-framed bikes that were small and easy to maneuver. You could do tricks, take them over jumps and therefore impress the ladies. The new bikes quickly won over the hearts and minds of kids. Today BMX bikes are little changed in shape, but riders have taken them to new levels, on half pipes, freestyle jumps and large bike parks built just for these innovative bikes.

Jumping Jack

Jumping jacks are perceived to be fascinating to the eye and is a great promotional tool. Participants wear this stilts and walk around with some support. A little training can result in some nice stunts.

Jumping Jacks are an amazing and truly unique extreme sports equipment product! They can best be described as 'spring loaded jumping boots' or 'jumping stilts' - some people call them 'bionic boots' for short. The Adult jumping jacks are a feat of engineering and are definitely NOT toys. (The Kids' size are more so though). They are serious fun for those who want to stand out from the crowd and hop into action! Jumping Jack is defined mainly by a compressing a controlled flat spring, the result is a straight upward movement relative to the ground. The stored energy (ie: during compression) converts into upward (jumping) or forward (running) energy. The adult models allow you to jump up to 6 feet high, and run with strides up to 9 feet in length. 

Artificial Wall Climbing

An artificial climbing wall can be set up in malls, large public events, carnivals etc in not time. It is a 32 feet structure and an be broken down to two 16 feet walls. More than 50 climbing holds screwed in securely to the wall gives way to dynamic challenges. An interesting low cost activity. 

Obstacle Course

We are currently working on 15 more new activities, which India has never seen before. Keep coming back for more!

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