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Paintball is a modern version of Peek-a-boo. It is truly an entertaining sport that involves a great deal of teamwork and communication. The game has the exhalation of combat without any injuries. The participants who are specially attired along with protective masks have to strategically 'aim and shoot' their opponent team members with ‘paintballs’ using compressed air marker  guns, till their frontier is conquered.

It is also a very popular activity for corporate team outing. In corporate team outing it is used as a great team building tool.


Rappelling is a quick way to descend a difficult rock by relying 100% on your equipment: harness, gear, anchors, and rope. It can be invigorating with good instruction, or terrifying if your gear is not set up properly. This is the only time you’re completely dependent on the gear, so you need to know all the different ways to safely set up a rappel or trust that your instructor knows how to. 

In corporate team outing, it offers a personal challenge for the individual. It inspires their team mates to go ahead and set an example for others to follow.


Zipline is a type of sliding technique. It often can be quite exhilarating. It involves sliding from one point to another using ropes and equipment. Objective is to slide an imaginary water body by sliding from one end to another end. On the flip side it can also be used as river crossing which involves going in reverse.

In corporate team outing, it offers a personal challenge for the individual. It inspires their team mates to go ahead and set an example for others to follow.

Burma Bridge

Commando Bridge is a bridge constructed chiefly of rope. In its simplest form, it can be one or two ropes that bridge a river, enabling the traveler to be supported in their crossing and not be swept away. One rope above another, fro feet and hands, many be referred to as a commandos bridge. Presently not available in manchinbele.



Jumaring is the art of ascending a slope by rope, using a toothed, metal clamp. Its deals more with the techniques of going up a fixed rope on rock, a steep cliff, an overhang or inside cascading waterfalls. Jumaring is generally used to aid as climber attempting a difficult pitch.


Tight Rope Walk

The objective is to walk on a tight rope from one end to another as fast as possible.





Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving across water. Kayaking is generally differentiated from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle.A canoe is defined as a boat where the peddler faces forward and kneels in the boat, using a single bladed paddle. Canoes can be closed deck or open deck


Corporate Team Outing:

We conduct Corporate team outing at Xtreme Zone Getaways, Manchinbele, Bangalore, just 50 kms from Bangalore. Xtreme Zone Manchinbele is the ideal location for adventure activities, Paintball, water sports and team building activities in Bangalore. A Corporate team outing has to inculcate a sense of getaway from the cubicles and an effective team bonding program. Corporate team outing should ideally be a mix of personal and team challenges. All our activities packaged for a corporate team outing ensure that the individual and the team is rejuvenated with the activities such as Paintball, adventure sports, water sports and team building. Our Corporate team outing activities are not strenuous but rejuvenating. The activities for corporate team outing can be performed by the young and the old, juniors and seniors, ladies and gentlemen both. We specialize in outbound corporate team outing. One of the most important aspects of Corporate team outing is to improve the body language of the team. Understanding the corporate team outing needs, we have merged adventure with convenience. A rare combination only to suit the needs of a corporate team outing. Xtreme Zone Manchinbele is also a famous destination for Camping and Paintball. The location is extremely beautiful and well equipped with all the necessary amenities. 


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