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What is XtremeZone Getaways?

It is a camp ground, and is designed for individuals/groups/corporates to experience camping and outdoor activities in a safe and conducive manner. Getawayz locations are usually a 2-3 hour drive from the city to help you plan for an impromptu camping weekend.

What do I expect at XtremeZone Getawayz?

It is a safe natural campground with a hygienic cooking and sanitation facility. The focus is on camping and getting engaged in outdoor activities, in a very safe manner. You can expect international standard camping & outdoor equipment, delicious food, though not a great spread. Most importantly, it is a great place for engaging in physical activities while experiencing nature at its best.

Is there electricity at all sites?

We have deliberately not applied for power from the government. We use solar power and store energy in batteries. Electricity is available in toilets, kitchen, store room and toilets only. The idea was, not to pollute the environment and still try to create a safe and comfortable camping facility. This, to ensure every body in the family/group/corporate can experience the outdoors with basic infrastructure and no inhibhitions.


What are the options for Food & Beverages?

Our kitchen is well equipped and we serve all cuisines. The menu has to be pre decided with our sales team. Yes, we do try and avoid cooking non vegetarian food. We are not licensed to server alcohol and consuming alcohol at the site is strictly prohibited.

What outdoor activities are available?

A mix of 20 plus adventure and team building activities are available at Manchinbele-Bangalore. You can choose a mix of these activities. Make sure of getting the right mix of intense and non intense activities to avoid fatigue. Ask for suggestions from the sales team.

Do we conduct Corporate team outing in Bangalore?

We conduct Corporate team outing at Xtreme Zone Getaways, Manchinbele, Bangalore, just 50 kms from Bangalore. Xtreme Zone Manchinbele is the ideal location for adventure activities, Paintball, water sports and team building activities in Bangalore. A Corporate team outing has to inculcate a sense of getaway from the cubicles and an effective team bonding program. Corporate team outing should ideally be a mix of personal and team challenges. All our activities packaged for a corporate team outing ensure that the individual and the team is rejuvenated with the activities such as Paintball, adventure sports, water sports and team building. Our Corporate team outing activities are not strenuous but rejuvenating. The activities for corporate team outing can be performed by the young and the old, juniors and seniors, ladies and gentlemen both. We specialize in outbound corporate team outing. One of the most important aspects of Corporate team outing is to improve the body language of the team. Understanding the corporate team outing needs, we have merged adventure with convenience. A rare combination only to suit the needs of a corporate team outing. Xtreme Zone Manchinbele is also a famous destination for Camping and Paintball. The location is extremely beautiful and well equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities.  


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